Welcome to the Toilet Pipe Cover website. This website is part of Herbie Porsche Home Improvements Ltd.

The Toilet Pipe Cover can be used in your home to improve the appearance behind your toilet. We offer covers for waste pipes which go into the floor or through the wall. Thousands of satisfied customers have already improved the look of their bathrooms by installing this product.

Simple and easy to use this small item can make a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom by hiding unsightly gaps and providing a neat finish. 

The Toilet Pipe Cover is now available in hardware shops and can also be purchased through this website. See products page.

Herbie Porsche

Herbie appeared on the first episode of the current series of RTE's DRAGONS DEN and successfully won the investment of businessman Gavin Duffy. This major achievement will greatly help with the expansion of our business. We very much look forward to working with Gavin.

Look behind your toilet!